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Cloud Assessment Lead JD

Role: Cloud Assessment Lead

Total years of experience: 8-12 Years

Relevant experience for engagement: 8-12 Years

Relevant skillset:

- Cloud Consulting - Cloud discovery and assessment - Cloud migration planning - Cloud optimization services

- Multi-Cloud Strategy

Relevant technology domains:

- Accountable for the technical aspects of solution delivery and implementation through to successful live operations. Ensures the realization of the solution architecture, making sure it is operable &cost-effective. Implement scalable, high performance hosting solutions that meet the need of today’s corporate and digital applications using both private and public cloud technologies. Deliver legacy infrastructure transformation and migration to drive next-generation business outcomes. - Proficient in handing cloud readiness assessment and migration planning with various assessment tool and workshops. - Proficient in conducting assessment workshop to collect assessment & migration data points. - Extensive experience with assessment tools like Cloudamize, Cloudscape, Txture, DMA etc. - Extensive experience in defining migration strategy with R’s (re-host, re-platform, re-locate, retain, rearchitect etc.) - Proficiency in handling project transitions, executing projects of on-premise datacentre, Public, and Private Hybrid cloud models.

Professional Summary

- Has proposed the cloud solutions evaluating the customer benefits, technical compatibility, TCO and other factors of Cloud - Has evaluated specific solution on multi-cloud environments - Worked on high level and Deep level assessment for various customer for public cloud migration including hybrid environment setup. - Worked on the end-to-end setup, configuration of cloud assessment tool including both agent and agentless approach. - Worked on creating application stacks, dependency charts, application classification and creating presentation desk. - Performed data analysis based on Cloud discovery tool(s) data and customer provided data. - Defined the migration strategy for “Go” and” No-Go” application and databases based on assessment tool data collection and various workshop with customers. - Strong communication & collaboration skills with proficiency in grasping technical concepts quickly & utilizing the same in a productive manner - Worked on JIRA for project management & Tracking & also worked in Agile methodology - Should have managed and mentored technical team members

- Should have participated in innovations and proactive initiatives

- Should have done multi tasking


· Azure/AWS/GCP Certified Architect

· Extensive knowledge and on Public cloud platforms like Azure, Amazon, GCP.

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