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By now we all know that just asking questions and interviewing is not enough to prove a person's suitability. After all, almost everyone will claim to be stress resistant, but only qualified and experienced diagnoses can tell whether that really is the case. 
Recruiting employees requires significant efforts, takes time, energy and costs a lot of money. Moreover, hiring a new employee requires a massive investment of training, guidance and mentoring. Therefore, it is most understandable that organizations will look for effective ways to increase success and assure the suitability of candidates. 
Fortunately, our unique methods and practices are nowadays available to everyone.


Via technical and web channels, we can now support decision makers everywhere around the world throughout the hiring process, pointing out candidates' advantages and disadvantages.
Our team is exceptionally skilled and maintained excellent reputation. Throughout 30 years of operation, Tema Institute's professionals have performed thousands of successful and accurate diagnoses for a wide variety of organizations. We customize each assessment; evaluate the suitability of candidates to any position ahead, as well as to the specific company culture. Our assessment consists of in-depth interview perform by experienced occupational psychologist, several of personality, skills and Integrity tests, as well as exclusive and innovative practical simulations and exercises. 
Final report of each candidate includes detailed information about the candidate on various parameters, as well as a final recommendation predicting the candidates' fit for the position.
We ensure fair unbiased diagnostic process. Provide our customers with valid and accurate data, saving time and costs. For more information, please contact us…

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